Newmover Module Multilingual Item Versioning Issue

Normally we use Newsmover module to manage News and Events. You can find this module at Sitecore Marketplace

In one of our project we have multilingual site. We have created item in english version, that is was following proper folder structure like –


But when we are creating version of that item like this –


There is a strange behavior. Every new version is creating item in Today’s date. Like I am creating version of above item but instead of creating item version it is creating a new item in today’s date, today date is 29/11/2016 then it is creating folder structure like this –

  • 2016
    • 11
      • 29
        • Item With New Version


So we decided to look into the issue also searched on google but didn’t get anything about this. Then decided to take a look at the Template Field that is associated with NewsMover event. In my case Published Date is the field. We clicked on Published Date field and in right side in Data section there was a checkbox “Shared” and we saw it was unchecked, we just checked it and decided to try creating item version now.


And yes its working now. New item version is not creating any extra folder now. So finally that was the answer, we need to check Shared checkbox for that particular field.


Note – But there is problem with this trick, you can not change date for different Item’s version. Lets say if you change event date for English version then it will change for all other item’s language version as well. So please take care of this if you want different events dates for different Item’s version.

Happy Coding 🙂